Who we are

We are also retail investors. We have no hidden affiliation with the financial industry. We do not deliver you and your data to banks and brokers. In investing, we made about every mistake you could think of- and learned from that.
Now we share this knowledge and methods about retail investment and financial industry with others.

Our Values


We sell no get-rich-quick schemes, we avoid financial technobabble.


We have no affiliation with the financial industry.


We explain what we do, why we do it that way.


We play fair, but we play to win.

The Name

Six Degrees of Freedom is an engineering term. The position, orientation and movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space can be fully described with 6 parameters.

Applying this concept to investing, we give you the tools and Know-how to successfully navigate through the world of investing: Six Degrees of Financial Freedom. 

The Founder

Denis Zetzmann

Engineer by education. Retail investor by heart. Founder of 6xfreedom.com by conviction.

Military background, degrees in aerospace engineering and economics. After pursuing a 2nd career as consulting engineer, decided to start a new venture and help other people to become better investors.  Experienced the Ups and Downs of retail investors personally during a 20+ years quest.