Financial markets are extraordinarily complex entities. Everything is interrelated and influences each other.
Our weekly newsletter explains these interrelationships, highlights emerging trends, and gives you a comprehensive picture.
We summarize the most important financial media, put the “Market Weather Report” into the overall picture, and give an outlook on the future based on current developments.

What will you find in our Newsletter?

Sample image of the Newsletter tabular market overview

“The Big Picture”

A summary and insights from finance-related media. What were the big headlines last week? What is important? What can we read between the lines?

“Market Weather Report”

A Weekly Analysis of our 6xFreedom “Market Weather Report” (updated daily): A close look at the inter-market relationships, including a more detailed analysis of the trend states for different time horizons. Everything is compiled in clear tables and split into sections for different regions/asset classes.

“Final Words”

Our take on the markets, state of economies, the universe, and everything. From time to time also includes links to new articles in our “Know How” section or changes/updates to our website.